Together, we can change lives.


Individuals living in poverty are much more susceptible to health issues than the average Edmontonian. Those experiencing homelessness are often exposed to extreme weather conditions while sleeping rough, face challenges with hygiene, and have mental health and addiction issues that limit their access to traditional healthcare facilities. Many of the clients that Boyle Street Community Services supports are differently-abled and require mobility aid from wheelchairs, walkers or canes.  These factors create the need for a building that is accessible to anyone who wants to use services, regardless of ability. Boyle Street Community Services is a multi-level facility, with each floor being accessible by stairs only. The funds raised at The Face of Resilience Gala will support the construction of accessible accommodations for clients who are differently-abled. 

The Boyle Street Community Services centre houses over 40 different programs and has over 400 individuals accessing services every day; this takes an extreme toll on the building's infrastructure and utilities, especially the dated kitchen appliances and limited washroom facilities. With your help, the funds raised will support the purchase of new kitchen appliances and cookware, as well as the construction of new and improved washrooms for staff and clients. 

Program Support
Boyle Street Community Services has seen an influx in the numbers of people accessing services in the last year. To relieve this pressure on employees, the funds raised at The Face of Resilience Gala will go towards hiring new staff and extending existing program supports. Your donation has the opportunity to fund new staff members that are crucial to the programs that Boyle Street Community Services provides, like a nurse, mental health counselor, at-risk youth worker, drop-in support worker, addictions support worker, housing worker, and many more. 

The Face of Resilience Gala this year is just the beginning. As the budding relationship between RE/MAX Elite and Boyle Street Community Services develops, plans to establish an annual fundraising gala evolve, with the anticipation that each one will be even better than the last! We need your support to continue our progression and our belief that we can impact meaningful change in our city.


It's our fundraising goal to raise over $150,000 

Cost Breakdown Overview

Accessibility $50,000+

Upgrade accessibility accommodations

(Currently no ramp or lift for accessibility)

Infrastructure $150,000+

Kitchen Upgrades

(Currently serving over 400 people a day with kitchen services that are outdated and require immediate upgrades/replacement)

Bathroom Upgrades

(Currently only 3 toilets, 2 urinals, 1 double sink, 1 shower, accessed by over 400 people a day. Expanding this essential basic need requires upgrades to main water supply into the building.)

Program Support $100,000+

Add 1 full-time Drop-In support worker

Expand ID Services to full-time (Removing the first barrier to independence begins with obtaining ID, needed for housing, employment, social assistance, food bank, and other social services)

Total $300,000+

Impact: Our Future Goals

$2.5 Million- New affordable housing developments

$5 Million- New affordable housing developments, new social enterprises, mental health program expansion

$10 Million- New affordable housing developments, new social enterprises, mental health program expansion, additional infrastructure upgrades at all Boyle Street locations (ensuring all buildings are fit-for-purpose), cultural support opportunities

Photographer: Sandy Phimester

Photographer: Sandy Phimester

Impact on our city

How does this impact our community?


Social Return on Investment

  • Studies show that it costs taxpayers approximately $100,000 per year to assist a chronically homeless person in terms of health, emergency, and justice system interactions. When wrap-around, specialized services and support solutions are made available to that same individual, costs are significantly decreased (

  • People who live in poverty, especially those experiencing homelessness, have more frequent and severe health concerns. By providing access to integrated primary care, mental health and substance use services and social supports, we have the potential to save millions of dollars by reducing the need for costly, more intensive interventions (

  • With the expansion of supports and programs offered at Boyle Street Community Services, the inappropriate use of emergency services will be drastically reduced based on data collected through the 24/7 Crisis Diversion Team and the Heavy Users of Service initiatives.

  • There is a misconception that having a consolidation of services for people experiencing homelessness, like Boyle Street Community Services, will decrease the value of properties in the surrounding area. In fact, the opposite is true: a study of the impact of 15 transitional housing sites for the homeless found that properties near well-maintained service facilities appreciated 1.8% more than comparable properties in other areas of the city (

  • When the design and management of a service centre are well done, and the centre is compatible with the host neighborhood, nearby property values are likely to increase. According to a study from the University of Minnesota, for every 100 feet closer to a well-managed non-profit development, a property was valued $86 more than if it was not (

The partnership between RE/MAX Elite and Boyle Street Community Services is based on the belief that meeting the needs of those experiencing homelessness will not only have a profound and positive impact on the lives on individual clients, but on Edmonton as a whole.